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Welcome to IncenseCrafting (ICS.com)- Where Ancient Tradition Meets Modern Mindfulness

Uncover the Essence Within: At IncenseCrafting, we’re motivated by the belief that incense has the power to transform our daily rituals into something truly magical. Established in 2018, our journey began with a shared passion for meditation, yoga, and spirituality.

Our goal? To illuminate the path to inner peace with our thoughtfully selected incense, creating a sanctuary of serenity and mindfulness in your surroundings

Our Story

Our Tale: A Voyage of Fragrance and Awakening

The Seed of Creation:
In the serene town of Phoenix, Oregon, four companions embarked on a quest for deeper mindfulness and discovered a mutual fondness for the ancient practice of incense burning. Emma, a yoga teacher; Jay, a meditation guide; Sophia, a spiritual practitioner; and Alex, an ethno-botanist, were brought together by their belief in the calming and purifying properties of incense.

From this fusion of interests, IncenseCrafting was born, with the aim of revitalizing the sacred customs of incense for the contemporary world.

Meet the Creators: The Hearts Behind the Scent


With over a decade of experience in yoga, Emma embodies a holistic approach to well-being, infusing the soothing essence of incense into her teaching and daily routines.


A meditation guide who believes in the power of scent to enhance mindfulness, Jay carefully selects our collections with a focus on the meditative qualities of each fragrance.


Sophia's journey to spiritual healing led her to the cleansing powers of incense, motivating her to share this ancient wisdom through IncenseCrafting.



An ethno-botanist passionate about the healing properties of plants, Alex ensures that every incense product is natural, pure, and responsibly sourced.

Our Essence: Purity, Quality, and Enlightenment

Curated with Attention:
Each incense stick, cone, and resin is chosen and tested by us, meeting our strict standards for purity and quality. We’re not merely promoting incense; we’re passing on a piece of the world’s aromatic heritage, crafted with reverence for tradition and our planet.

A Portal to Knowledge:
Our blog is a treasure trove of articles on the finest incense for any occasion, elucidating the benefits, meanings, and uses of each aroma. From the grounding essence of sandalwood to the invigorating freshness of citrus, we guide you on utilizing incense safely and effectively, transforming any space into a tranquil retreat.

Why Incensecrafting

Why Choose IncenseCrafting?

Rooted in Authenticity:
Our founders’ varied backgrounds in meditation, yoga, and spirituality, along with our thorough product testing, set us apart. We’re not simply incense promoters; we’re enthusiasts ready to share the tradition of incense burning with the world.

Dedicated to Community and Education:
Our mission extends beyond commerce. We’re here to inform, enlighten, and interact with a community of kindred spirits. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, IncenseCrafting welcomes you on this aromatic expedition.

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