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Citronella Incense Sticks

Are mosquitos bugging you lately? Keep them all away with our Citronella Incense Sticks!

The best of humanity and nature come together to create the ideal partner. Made from natural Citronella, our incense sticks will help you relieve stress and get rid of mosquitos around your home. 

Incense is not just made for indoors. Indeed, it smells good, but these incense sticks also have a little secret: keeping mosquitos away. Made with Citronella, an all-natural repellent derived from the lemongrass plant. They create a wisp of smoke and a smooth fragrance that flying insects are not too fond of.

Fast Luck Incense Sticks

Even the tiniest flowers can have the toughest roots – Shannon Mullen

Using the Fast luck Incense sticks makes you feel like you are in the forest. The smell permeates your being and you feel young and refreshed. There is something about being among the trees and the flowers that grow beneath its shade that causes you to feel a certain sensation – the sensation of being one with nature. The natural setting is a character in itself if it were a story to tell. It is a narrative of love for nature and its surrounding backdrop.

Love & Sex Incense Sticks

Imagine, a grand seduction of love and sex passed down from history and ancient civilizations.

The Love and Sex incense sticks bring back the allure of the centuries. Imagine, a grand seduction of love and sex passed down from all history and ancient civilizations. It is, at best what will work in the bedroom. Between a couple, these incense sticks will bring the best of vibes between them so that love and sex will be realized, and together they will rekindle the fire of the ages.


San Miguel Arcangel Incense Sticks

Looking to protect yourself against all evil? We have just the perfect product for you! With San Miguel Arcangel incense sticks, defy negative vibes and protect your soul against evil. San Miguel, one of the arcangels, is known to fight against evils and the devil. His name literally translates to ‘he who is as God.’