HEM Lavender Incense Cones

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Using our Lavender incense cones makes you feel more relax and calm, also is recommended for people who have a problem with chronic insomnia. Burn this incense cone and let its fragrance clear your mind and improves your mood.

Shy away every negative energy you feel and help you feel at ease with HEM lavender incense cones because not every day is a good day. Sometimes, you may feel anxious and negative for no reason. As it fills your room with its earthy floral scent, it can reduce your anxiety and improve your mood.

If you have been having a hard time sleeping in the past weeks, say bye to that discomfort as our lavender incense cones may help you have the quality and good night’s sleep you deserve. And as you go to the office, you can stay focused, enthusiastic, and productive at the same time. According to the Sleep Health Organization, more than 11% of Americans suffer from serious sleeping problems.

With a healthy lifestyle and a few pieces of lavender incense cone, your sleeping patterns may improve.

How to use the HEM Lavender incense cones?

  • Light some HEM lavender incense cones. But a single cone is more than enough to make your day stress-free.
  • Set the cone on a heat-resistant container. Be sure the pointed end is facing up.
  • Let it burn for a few seconds. Then, blow the flame out to produce an aromatic and relaxing scent.
  • Do not forget to keep it away from any flammable object for everyone’s safety.
  • Also, never leave the lavender incense cone unattended as it might cause a fire.

Additional information

  • Every pack has 10 incense cones that you can use for more than a week.
  • Each cone burns for approximately 45 minutes. That’s already long compared to other lavender incense cones in today’s market.
  • It is handmade and fully packed with natural, tested, and safe ingredients. Some of them are fine essential oils, lavender, wood, and resin.
  • It is competitively priced and a perfect choice for those who are on a tight budget.


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