HEM Lord Shiva Incense Sticks

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Feeling tired and wearisome after a busy week? Cap it off with aromatic incense sticks! We all need a good rest from time to time. Our premium Lord Shiva incense sticks are the perfect example of the smell of devotion.

Shiva, known to be the lord of compassion and mercy, is said to protect those who pray to him. He is a guardian of anger, greed, and lust to his believers. Also known as the supreme power of the universe, he bestows health and contentment upon those who worship him. A protector of the world, he holds the moon on his head. Worshipped as the blessing-giver, he brings rest to those who have weary hearts. Our Lord Shiva incense sticks induce a fragrant and fresh scent that will fill your room.

Produced in Bangalore & Mumbai, India, our incense sticks instantly turn your home into a spa. We use the finest quality ingredients in crafting our products. Our Lord Shiva incense sticks are here to create a scent of sacredness at your own home. Feel a renewed faith and a strengthened devotion each time you light up an incense stick. Enhance your ritual worship with our premium Lord Shiva incense sticks.

How to use the Lord Shiva Incense sticks

  1. When worshipping with this mantra, keep in mind that Lord Shiva is the supreme power. It’s all about your connection with him. Place your incense stick in an incense burner – or any material that will catch the falling ashes. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated.
  2. Light the tip of your Incense stick until a glow is established.
  3. Let the scent fill your home! Blow out the flame or fan it out when needed.

Additional information:

  • Each hexagonal tube contains approximately 20 sticks.
  • The candle burning time is around 30 minutes per stick.
  • Made from the finest oils to ensure rich, long-lasting, and complex scents.
  • Keep this product away from children and flammable materials.


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