Black Love Incense Sticks



Been wanting to feel energetic? Or looking into leading back a loved one into your life? The Black Love incense sticks are just the perfect product for you.

Reduce the negative energy at your home. Start accentuating positive vibes by lighting Black Love incense sticks. Make your breathing space aromatic and refreshing. What better way to relax after a hard day’s work, right? Our Black Love incense sticks are surely the way to go. This is most recommended for those who have loved ones they want back in their life. Whether it be a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a wife, or a husband, Black Love incense sticks can help. This captivating scent is a combination of everything we love. Black violet, lotus blossom, mahogany wood, persimmon, black orchid, and pomegranate – the final creation is Black Love. Make your nights more romantic by lighting our premium incense sticks.

Produced in Bangalore & Mumbai, India, our incense sticks instantly turn your home into a spa. We use the finest quality ingredients in crafting our products. Our premium incense sticks let you get in the perfect relaxed mood after a long day at work.

Black Love Incense Meaning 

Hem Black Love Incense Sticks are a unique blend of natural herbs and resins used for centuries to awaken the senses, stimulate the mind, and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. They are especially popular in yoga as they help balance the body. But what is their true meaning?

The Hem brand has crafted these incense sticks with a special meaning behind them – black love. The charcoal-coloured sticks represent the power of unconditional love between two people who have found each other despite all odds. This type of love is strong enough to endure any hardship or obstacle that life may throw at it, making it something extraordinary.

Black Love Incense Ingredients

Black Love Incense has natural ingredients like charcoal, herbs, resins, black violet, lotus blossom, mahogany wood, persimmon, black orchid, and pomegranate. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to represent the power of unconditional love between two people who have found each other despite all odds. This unique blend of ingredients creates an aroma that can help transport you to peace and tranquillity while reminding you of true love’s strength.

What is Black Love Incense Used for?

If you’re new to the world of incense and just getting started, you may wonder what black love incense is used for. This particular type of incense sticks is often used in love and relationship spells and rituals. It is believed to help promote love, harmony, and passion between partners and may also be used to attract new love into your life.

Black love incense typically contains herbs and resins carefully selected for their love and attraction properties. Whether you’re looking to strengthen an existing relationship or find a new love, black love incense can be a powerful tool in your love magick arsenal.

How to use the Black Love incense sticks

  1. Think of the name of a loved one. Say his/her name three times before lighting a stick. Manifest your intention to lead them back to your life.
  2. Place your incense stick in an incense burner – or any material that will catch the falling ashes. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated.
  3. Light the tip of your incense stick until a glow is established.
  4. Let the scent fill your home! Blow out the flame or fan it out when needed.

Additional information:

  • Each hexagonal tube contains approximately 20 sticks.
  • The Economy Box contains approximately 120 Sticks (6 Boxes)
  • The candle burning time is around 30 minutes per stick.
  • Made from the finest quality ingredients to ensure rich, long-lasting, and complex scents.
  • Keep this product away from children and flammable materials.


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