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Using our watermelon incense sticks reminds us of a hot summer’s day. We taste the watermelon cool on our tongues and feel it against the summer heat. But what of the actual scent of watermelon? This would trigger a much more intense actualization of summer beating down on the child while eating a cool watermelon, the contrast of the scent against the summer heat.

Let us come back to our sense of smell and realize this most undermined of senses because time has its way of making the visual and all other senses more important than this sense. However, we come back to it when we speak of incense sticks, in this case, watermelon incense sticks, which are so difficult to recreate, and yet here it is – crafted to bring back the sense of smell and its proper importance over all the senses.

In this situation, watermelon incense sticks are an experience of coolness with the scent of watermelon wafting from incense sticks to bring about a meditative trance, a fruit that holds the power to make us feel calm and soothed. The fruity fragrance is enough to bring bliss and good tidings to the user.

Just stick it onto a burner and let it light and burn for 30 minutes. It has a length of 20 cm., enough to bring about a feeling of absolute lightness like the tasty fruit itself: light, airy and fun.

One could not imagine that watermelon incense sticks could be an agent of change within the bearer of its scent but it truly is. Within the one who smells it, one becomes good and returns to the innocence of youth. As it influences the child in you, you spread this good vibe to other people and spread the good innocence it brings. It is so light, you almost cannot believe that an incense stick can smell so light, and yet here it is for the pleasure and comfort of the one who smells it. It is beauty in itself.

How to use the Watermelon Incense

1. Place your incense stick in an incense burner – or any material that will catch the falling ashes. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated.
2. Light the tip of your Incense sticks until a glow is established.
3. Let the scent fill your home or office! Blow out the flame or fan it out when needed.

Additional information:

• Each hexagonal tube contains approximately 20 sticks.
• The incense sticks burning time is around 30 minutes per stick.
• Made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure rich, long-lasting, and complex scents.


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