White Sage Incense Sticks
White Sage Incense Sticks
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White Sage Incense Sticks


What do you think will happen if your personal space is filled with negative energies or unwanted vibrations? It will definitely take a toll on you, your happiness, and your vitality. The Purifying White Sage Incense Sticks are helpful in enhancing your overall well-being by removing negative energies and vibrations from your space and drawing in positivity in order to improve your state. The Sage Incense Sticks are effective in dispelling unhelpful energy and making sure that your home and your personal spaces are conducive, uplifting, and re-energizing.

The incense sticks have been a part of our tradition, culture, and ways for a very long time because of their several benefits and uses. The White Sage Incense Sticks are very popular particularly in Native American tribes and other groups all over the world because it has significant advantages to the body, mind, and spirit.

Using White Sage Incense Sticks can purify your home and spaces of microbes, bacteria, and insects and it can also cleanse the negative energies and spiritual impurities that you can sense. It can also clear your mind and enhance your intuition, making it easy for you to think clearly and positively. If you sense that your mind is muddled with confusion and doubts, lighting the Incense Sticks can provide you with the clarity that you need.

White Sage Incense Sticks Benefits

White Sage Incense Sticks are also beneficial in enhancing your mood and in alleviating depression, stress, and anxiety. Moreover, it can improve your sleep by calming your nerves and thoughts. Your energy levels will simply improve when you light the Incense Sticks.

The pure, simple, and divine aroma of the Incense Sticks is just lovely and it induces a feeling and atmosphere of positivity and happiness. When you fill your home and spaces with the wonderful aroma of the White Sage, you will immediately feel that your life is better, lighter, brighter, and happier.

How to Use:

  1. You can light White Sage Incense Sticks whenever you sense tense, stagnant, or heavy energy in your home and your other essential spaces. You can do it anytime but it is best to do it in the late afternoon so that you can have a relaxing sleep at night.
  2. Place the White Sage Incense Stick inside an incense burner.
  3. Light the tip of the incense until it is glowing.
  4. Fill your home with its lovely aroma.

Additional information:

  • Each hexagonal tube contains approximately 20 sticks.
  • You can choose Economy Box which contains approximately 120 Sticks (6 Boxes)
  • The incense burning time is around 30 minutes per stick.
  • Made from the finest oils to ensure rich, long-lasting, and complex scents.
  • Keep this product away from children and flammable materials.


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