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Even the tiniest flowers can have the toughest roots – Shannon Mullen

Using the Fast luck Incense sticks makes you feel like you are in the forest. The smell permeates your being and you feel young and refreshed. There is something about being among the trees and the flowers that grow beneath its shade that causes you to feel a certain sensation – the sensation of being one with nature. The natural setting is a character in itself if it were a story to tell. It is a narrative of love for nature and its surrounding backdrop.

The flowers’ scent wafts uncannily a mystery of sensuality you want to unlock and decipher. This is the mystery of Fast Luck incense sticks whose scent is immediate, fast-acting, and very attractive. The incense sticks contain the scent of wood and floral dissemination. It is a scent that is part of your being, as well as your surroundings.

The Fast Luck Incense Sticks manifest good fortune and prosperity in your home. Using those incense sticks will bring you luck in all areas of your life including business, games of chance, and love! Our Fast Luck Incense Sticks will turn your luck around and exclude any curses or harmful energy that could be blocking your success.

There is a bundle of around 20 x 23 cm sticks that unfurl the smoky scent for 30 minutes. One simply has to burn the tip of a stick, blow it off, and leave its residue of smoke to continue on and on in ribbons of smoke to surround the room until every corner is filled with its scent. The glowing tip is kept alit and it slowly burns off in accretion.

The Fast Luck incense sticks all come in an attractive hexagonal box which lures every customer to try it out. It has beautiful packaging and the container is not the only thing attractive about it. The substance of the sticks itself keeps its promise of intense meditation of wildflowers and the woods.

The scent is a reminder to be up and about. It is uplifting in the sense that one is held aloft in the mystery of its scent. It is also bright and wonderful to behold. By smelling it, one is reminded that to live is to live with the light of the sun permeating through the trees. The Fast Luck incense sticks are easily remembered even after the scent is gone. Whatever good luck it brings, comes from the fact that one never forgets such a scent and will follow you wherever you may go.

How to use the Fast Luck Incense

1. Put your Fast Luck incense stick in an incense burner – or any material that will catch the falling ashes.
2. Burn the tip of your incense sticks until a glow is established.
3. Let the scent fill your home or office! Blow out the flame or fan it out when needed.

Additional information:

  • Each hexagonal tube contains approximately 20 sticks.
  • The incense sticks burning time is around 30 minutes per stick.
  • Made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure rich, long-lasting, and complex scents.
  • The Economy Box contains approximately 120 Sticks (6 Boxes)


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