Charcoal Incense Sticks

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Do you want to get the most out of the benefits of meditating? Do you regularly perform yoga in the comfort of your home? Well, you can take full advantage of these exercises by using charcoal incense sticks. It doesn’t matter if you want a delightful and calming home fragrance option or assists with meditation and relaxation. Our charcoal incense sticks will surely meet and fulfill your needs.

We Offer Scented Charcoal Incense Sticks

The most famous incense sticks available and usually used by many when relaxing and meditating are the charcoal incense sticks. This incense stick is made by using charcoal on sticks made of wood with a binder to fix the charcoal to the stick. On the other hand, Punk sticks are made by using wooden sawdust or wood particles using a binder. Finally, the sticks are dipped in fragrant oil for a relaxing aroma.

Woody, a rich as well as a bit masculine scent, the aroma relaxes as well as harmonizes while building self-discovery as well as an inner confidence. This is one of the oldest fragrances, highly valued in the past, and utilized in all everyday living factors. Most specifically, in times of anxiety and constant worry, the aroma helps in improving the ability to provide generously to another. You might utilize this pleasant earthy aroma whenever composure, calm, and peace of mind are needed. Discover the many health benefits, and it’s said to be used in the past for various health issues such as urinary tract and bronchial infections.

How to Use

It is vital to know how to use the charcoal incense sticks for your safety and maximize their benefits:

  1. Light the end part of the charcoal incense stick at a slight angle using a match or a lighter and let the fire burn for about ten to fifteen seconds.
  2. Slowly or gently blow the flame. The charcoal incense stick must generate a glowing red ember as well as a stem of smoke and will keep on burning on its own.
  3. It is essential to burn charcoal incense on a heatproof as well as non-flammable incense holder only.
  4. Burn charcoal incense stick in a well-ventilated area, far from flammable materials, and make sure never to leave the incense burning unattended or close to pets, draft, or within reach of little ones.

Our charcoal incense sticks are available in quantities of ten sticks per pack, so the customization choices are endless. So, if you are tired of paying expensive and high prices for incense sticks, why not try our charcoal incense sticks? They are not just safe to use but also available for a fraction of the cost.


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