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Palo Santo incense sticks come from Central America but have become significantly popular in the U.S and Canada. The reason people want these sticks so badly is the cleansing power they have and how using one can help you ease stress and anxiety.

Our customers who used the Palo Santo incense stick can tell that, even if you don’t believe in how Paolo Sanit Sticks can help spirituality, it still makes the area smell better.

No one should hesitate to give these sticks a try. Palo Santo trees are considerably far away from us, so having the opportunity to feel the uplifting scent of the forest floor in Central America is priceless. Some people even say that using Palo Santo incense sticks in your business brings good fortune to it.

It’s never a bad idea to give something a try, so why shouldn’t you do it with Palo Santo products? There are more products apart from incense sticks, though. You can buy Palo Santo oil, Palo Santo tea, and Palo Santo Resin.

What Is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is a tree that tends to grow in South America and some of Central America’s countries. The literal translation of its name in Spanish is “holy stick” or “holy wood,” and products from this tree have been used by shamans all over the world to clear negative energy off their clients.

Regardless of appearing in more than one region, the Palo Santo tree is mostly harvested from Ecuador and Peru. Any shaman you know should know a thing or two about this tree and its forest, so you can also ask them what they think. As for reviews, most of them talk about how the Palo Santo sticks’ aroma can blow their minds and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Benefits Of Using Palo Santo Incense Sticks

As we told you before, using Palo Santo incense sticks has brought many benefits to your life. Whether you believe in its healing powers or not, there are some non-spiritual benefits that incense sticks offer that is good enough to make you buy them.

However, you should still value and give a try to Palo Santo sticks if you want to cleanse your body. Here are some of the most important benefits of buying Palo Santo products:

Energy Cleansing

The first and most popular feature of Palo Grande products is the positive energy they bring to your life and household. People all over the world use these sticks to cleanse their souls from bad energy and attract positive energy.

Medicinal Uses

Apart from spiritual healing, Palo Santo smoke can provide relief to your physical and mental wounds. Problems such as body inflammation, common cold, and allergies can disappear when being exposed to Palo Santo’s smoke.

However, this product is so good for meditation and for yoga practice because it also helps you reduce anxiety, stress, and mental exhaustion. Whether it’s a pack of hand-rolled sticks of Palo Santo’s oils, these products are a must-have for people under a lot of stress.

Pleasant Scent

When you burn Palo Santo wood, its high-resin content makes the air smell better. This wood smells like mint and citrus, which is better than a regular candle.

Good Luck and Prosperity

We’ve all heard of Palo Santo incense sticks and their benefits for good luck and prosperity in life. But what exactly are those benefits? Well, the truth is that this powerful tool can do wonders for your home or workspace. Palo Santo has been used for centuries by shamans and healers alike, as it’s believed to bring good luck, abundance, love, success, and peace into one’s life.

How to Use The Palo Santo Incense Sticks

The only thing you need to do to take advantage of the products from trees harvested from Ecuador is to buy them. Reviews speak highly of this product, so don’t worry about that. Using these products is easy since you just need a lighter to turn the stick on and sand to turn it off.

Use the fire to light up the stick by pointing the tip down toward the flame. When burned, the stick doesn’t cause any damage to anything, but it’s essential to push the incense stick toward the sand to turn it off. Even if you can’t burn anything where you are, it’s still a safety measure.


Many people think of this holy wood effect as purported benefits. However, these incense sticks have helped many people to ease stress and anxiety. The Palo Santo essential oil is also helpful for physical problems, and related stories from reviews and the Palo Santo population show that Palo Santo incense sticks and carrier oil bring peace to them and are a sign of good things to come.

Get these hand-rolled sticks from our website, so don’t hesitate to do it! These products get sold quickly, so make sure to ask if I have some of them in stock.


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