Opium Incense Sticks

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The opium incense sticks are very beneficial for soothing your nerves and reducing anxiety and stress levels, as well as discouraging feelings of distress. In addition, they help induce deep sleep and are believed to promote prophetic dreams. In magic rituals, opium incense sticks are used to promote visions and dreams. The fragrance is also related to alluring playful and unholy spirits in the magical realm. Because of this feature, this fragrance is respected more than gold.

The bold aroma of our opium incense sticks brings an aura of calmness and senselessness to your home. They remake the ancient realms of dreams and quietness. Surrender to the fresh opium scent that comes alive with this burning incense stick.

Why Choose Our Opium Incense Sticks

Our opium incense sticks are made by making an exceptional combination of fragrance oils, essential oils, flowers, herbs, etc. This combination produces a remarkable and pleasant aromatic fragrance, providing you with an excellent experience for your purposes. These incense sticks help your meditation, prayers, and yoga and make your surroundings enjoyable and aromatic, thus bringing tranquillity and peace.

The smell which spreads in the air relaxes your mind and body and heals your soul. It also helps you lose down, reduce mental worries as well as improve your focus and concentration. A favorable setting helps in relieving headaches and depression. Our opium incense sticks are desired by those who perform religious ceremonies, yoga as well as meditation. This will make the surroundings pleasant and aromatic.

How to Use

Ensure your room is well-ventilated. Light the big end of the incense stick, wait for it to burn, and blow out the flame. Please put it in an incense holder, sit back and take pleasure in the calming fragrance.

The Perks of Burning Opium Incense Sticks

  • Creativity: Being in one room as incense has been associated with heightened creativity. The fragrance is a potent emotional memory trigger that assists in stimulating creativity and thoughts.
  • De-Stressing and Calming Down: The aroma has been discovered to be an efficient way to reduce the heart rate and soothe nerves. Also, they can cause specific channels in your brain that trigger the generation and release of mood-elevating hormones and proteins like serotonin that can assist ease the sign of anxiety, stress, and depression. This incense is an excellent aid for deep relaxation and meditation.
  • Productivity: Hindu and Buddhist monks burn opium incense to assist in clearing their minds and boosting focus. Improved levels of concentration straightly correlate with improved productivity.
  • Space Clearing: Opium incense has been utilized for many years to purify or sanctify a space.

Safety Advice

When burning opium incense, it is vital to be aware of safety. If you are using incense in a ventilated space, you should not experience any issues from the level of smoke generated. There is no need to burn the entire stick; only half is enough to experience the many benefits.


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